ESAWC firmly believes that shooting and conservation go hand in hand together and as such the club participates in many conservation projects on the many estuaries it covers. The wildfowler is a keen conservationist and only takes a harvest of the naturally produced surplus of wildfowl stocks – the old saying goes ” if it ain’t for the pot don’t take the shot “.The old days of “what’s hits history and what’s missed is mystery ” are thankfully long gone and have no place in modern Wildfowling.

Many prime wildfowling locations like the Eden Estuary and Montrose Basin were at Wildfowlers insistence turned in to Local Nature Reserves (LNR). This was done to provide refuge for over wintering wildfowl and to implement bye laws so controlled, accountable and sustainable Wildfowling could continue without detriment to the wildfowl. These LNR ensure that all interested parties of the estuaries have a fair chance at enjoying it.

ESAWC members have been involved in helping with a marsh tidy up on Tyninghame Bay and erecting mallard nests in the Port Allen area of the river Tay.

Conservation Projects

Eden Estuary clean up 2016

ESAWC held a clean up on these Eden Estuary LNR on the 13th March. Club members met at the cobble shore car park for 10am. The members swept the area from cobble shore to the old slipway. A huge amount of rubbish was cleared up 99% of it being unrelated to wildfowling. Many, many thanks to Tam, Lynelle, Allen, John, Barry and kids. Special mention to Tam and Lynelle for bringing black bags. This is a worthwhile activity for the club and has far reaching consequences in terms of conservation and PR for ESAWC.

Eden Estuary Mallard Nests 2014

Photos of  Mallard nest construction on Eden Estuary, February 2014. This was a joint venture between ESAWC, Scottish Ornithology Club and the Fife Countryside and Coastal Trust. Elmwood college provided labour in the form of their countryside management students.

Steven Watson, Eden Estuary LNR Volunteer Wildfowling Warden approached the Eden warden roughly a year ago, and asked on behalf of ESAWC if we could erect some mallard nest tubes. He liked the idea and it was agreed to trial 2 nests on the Coble pool wetlands for a year. Although the nests were not occupied in that year it was thought that they were well worth another trial on a bigger scale. The warden approached the SOC who agreed to give  funding for 15 nests( thanks here has to go to the old Eden warden, Les Hatton, who was instrumental in getting us the funding).

After the materials were bought with the funding, the Eden warden managed to organise the help of the countryside management students from Elmwood college to help with the nest, Elmwood also kindly allowed us the use of their workshop facility, which was much appreciated on the day as it was raining. A couple of hours were spent in the workshop building the nests up to the stage of installation.


We then moved onto the estuary and found some suitable locations on the Motray burn and erected 3 nests there. Afterwards we made our way to the Coble pools wetland where we erected a further 5 nests unfortunately we ran out of time and couldn’t put any more out, however the other site we had in mind was slightly more remote and It was agreed to erect these at another date.




Eden Estuary LNR Marsh Clean Up 2014

Here are some pictures from the clean up on the afternoon of Sunday 2 March 2014. Members of the club were joined by Ranald Strachan, Eden Estuary LNR Wildfowling Warden.
Members in attendance were, Archie Gillespie, Mark Robson, Tam Swan, Lynelle Reid, John Forret and Steven Watson, they were ably helped by some club members family.
The club swept the area around the coble shore collecting mostly plastic bottles and some glass bottles and ended with a pick up full load of rubbish, the warden was delighted.
A big thanks to the members who gave up their free time and helped with this worthwhile activity.



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