About The Club

The Association was founded in 2008 to provide a wildfowling club to serve all wildfowlers living in south-east and east-central Scotland and also those from further afield who come to our area to hunt ducks and geese.


Traditionally in Scotland wildfowlers have felt secure that their “free shooting” in the foreshore was safe. Against that background, existing wildfowling clubs tend to be fairly small and often cover only a single estuary or, in some cases, just a small part of an estuary. With very few exceptions, those clubs have never sought to lease foreshore areas or purchase coastal marshes – quite simply because, under the existing legal framework, there was little to be gained by doing so. But even under the existing laws in Scotland, unrestricted access to some of the best wild-fowling has already been lost and, of course, the threat of future changes is very real. To put it simply, we need a club with the resolve and commitment to meet the challenges of the

The area covered by this club might more accurately be described as east-central and south-east Scotland. It encompasses the coastline from Montrose Basin south towards the English border and includes the major fowling grounds on the Tay, Eden and Forth estuaries. From the centre point of this coastline, every other location on it is within a drive of 60-90 minutes, i.e. well within the distance that a keen wildfowler will routinely travel for a morning or evening flight. It also contains areas that are very popular with visiting sportsmen from farther afield who will often visit for a weekend or, indeed, a longer period.




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